Lost Woods – WOOHOO! I’m very proud of your progress. In the second measure, stay on F major for the entire measure before moving to C. I like noticing which RH note plays at the same time as the new chord and thinking of it that way. I want you to go slow enough when the chords change that you can navigate the position change without stopping. Do this in tiny pieces.

Raiders in the Night page 1. Good job feeling the 6/8 pulse! Add in the opening As (2 with RH, 2 with LH) while holding down the sustain pedal. This will create contrast between that syrupy bell-like part, and the more percussive pirate-like tune.
Today you played C and G major scales, A and E minor scales, and C major triad patterns to win candy. Great work!


Golden Hour – We used a coloured pencil to colour the notes that were *different* from the previous position. In addition to getting the coordination and feel down for each harmony, spend extra time playing the last bar of one position and the first of the new one. You can do this blocked as well. Extra LH practice is always good as this 4 chord pattern permeates most all of the piece.
Golden Hour uses the E major key signature (but doesn’t sound very major, it uses something called Modes to create it’s sound.) nonetheless, getting used to the 4 sharps by warming up with E major scales and triads would be beneficial!