Girl from Ipanema: Start practicing the whole chord sequence with your left hand. Count while doing it, and remember that just before going back to the A section (Am7-D7-Gm7-C7) they fall every two beats. When you feel confident with that, try those bars with both hands as practiced in class. Finally, play the whole song.


Read “Mozart’s Five Names” (Piano Adventures).

Keep practicing the last Mario song, and practice the bit seen in class for the new one.


Practice the following chord sequence:

G minor (G-Bb-D)  x2 – C minor (C-Eb-G)  – D major (D-F#-A) with both hands (left hand does the note that names the chord). In the first stage try going with both hands together. When you feel confident with that, try playing the rhythm learned in class.


“A little piece”: Practice up to mm.  at a slow tempo. Count out loud while you are playing: it will help you keep track of the rhythms. If possible, add the articulation marks (staccato and accents).