Great job this week! your music reading ability has become much better, keep up the good work and practice on our new songs (Get Away, Alouette, Ode to Joy)!



Challenge yourself! When playing hands together, start slow to give yourself sometime to look forward and be ready ahead of time.



Review Willie Tillie by playing slower to avoid mistakes, and write out your left hand notes in our new song (A Friend Like You) for next week!



Technique: Review scales & triads; new: g- triad, A+ scale

Repertoire: Keep doing on what your are doing in Sonatina and Polonaise, and be careful on details and keep the equal touches in your fingers; increase tempo on both

Etude: “Left Alone” – keep working on the “hold-tap-tap” motion, pretend there are written staccatos on the quarter notes

New: “Arctic Voices” – work on finger legato, and watch out for the accidentals!



You are doing well on playing your pieces, but don’t be too lazy when learning a new piece! Try to look at the music and find out by counting (or whichever way you use) what the notes are instead of say “I don’t know”, challenge yourself!