Great lesson this week! For homework, try to play much slower when practising your songs, this will help us with making less mistakes/stops, and connecting the notes/bars of music. Also, work on “Jingle Bell” hands separately, and then try hands together for next class!



Keep working on “A Friend Like You” this week, and try out “A Robot” hands separately and together! Also, don’t get confused with treble clef and bass clef notes!



Technique – review level 3; A+ and Eb+ scale & triads

Keep working on increasing tempo on Sonatina and Polonaise, everything else has been sounding great!

Arctic Voices – work on this piece very slow with efficient fingering and legato, and “breath” after each slurred phrase.

Left Alone – work on clarity and finger control on dynamic difference between melody and accompaniment with pedal



Good work this week! Keep working on “Join the Fun”, and try to practice and play the piece slower to connect all bars and notes without stops. Start working on “Rowing Around” hands separately, and feel free to try hands together