Great work this week, keep doing what you are doing in your practice! For “Get Away” and “Alouette” – do not play the eighth notes in dotted rhythm, keep everything steady and equal time



Great job on memorising and playing “Uncle Bill”! Try to go slower and work on bars played hands together on “Somebody to Love” and “The Donkey”!



Great work this week! Keep working on “A Friend Like You” hands together, and write out the notes for both hands in “A Robot”!



Technique: Review level 3 scales & triads, A+ scale; new: Eb+ scale

Repertoire: Keep doing on what your are doing in terms of musical phrasing and dynamic in Sonatina and Polonaise, and increase tempo on both pieces; Sonatina – connect your L.H notes while lifting your R.H on the quarter notes

Left Alone – give the last quarter note enough time in bar 1-6; lighten up the supporting notes while bring out the melody notes

Arctic Voices – finish learning the song, and try to keep minimal hand movement with finger legato



Great playing this week! Keep working on your old songs for fluency and add dynamic (soft, loud, etc.), and start working on our new song “Waltz” hands together (first 2 lines) and hands separately (last 2 lines). Try to look at your music and read the notes, and not to rely too much on the fingering to find the notes