You had a breakthrough today!  A huge breakthrough!  I hope you know that.  To find a part of your voice that you’d not known about before is a great gift and you deserve it!  Congratulations!  Keep doing what you are doing.  On the Monster Song be really sure of the differences of each character and their moods.  Sad? confused? angry? silly? weird?  Contrast is what makes a performance really pop! I look forward to hearing you do it next week from memory. See you soon!

You have such a sweet voice and great pitch! It’s so hard to teach that and I don’t have to teach you! woohoo!  The song you wrote is very good and you sang it very well in the hip hop style.  You are very versatile.  Keep writing songs and don’t be afraid to really explore what you hear in your head.  I look forward to diving into a new music book with you next week!

You are the first one I’ve sung Christmas songs with and it was so fun!  You have such a nice voice and lots of range of expression.  In particular I like your hooty owl sound. very realistic.  Ask your dad to look for a nice book of songs for you to sing.  Here is one you might try: Best Children’s Songs  There are lots of songbooks for kids at the bookstore though and at places like Long and McQuade (Bloor Street west of Ossington).  I’m eager to learn new song with you.  Keep singing a little bit every day this week.  See you soon!