You’ve got a great spirit kid and you are bright as anything.  I love your choices of music to sing.  Keep them coming! I’m also impressed with your voice and it’s growing strength.  I look forward to hearing you play piano while you sing the next time we meet.  Keep the magic happening kiddo! :)

You impress me so much.  I’m so glad your performances are increasing.  I do hope you will plan to do some solo work very soon.  I believe it will really grow your already rich insightfulness about music.  It’s time to blossom!  Keep that California beat going when learning the Joni version.  Use a metronome or just slap your knees (sometimes internalizing it in your own body makes things easier to feel)  So many rhythmic variations in that tune!  Such a challenge and you are going to nail it!  Can’t wait to hear what happens next! :)

You continue to surprise me more and more and I’m proud of your progress.  You are a natural my dear and I hope you will embrace more and more types of songs to make “your own”.  Really experiment with Danny’s Song especially with regard to changing the tune.  Improvisation is fun and it makes your whole musical world open up.  You already “get” how it works, not go far in your experimentation and see what you come up with.  Happy Birthday today by the way! :)

Girl, you did such a fantastic job in the recital yesterday.  I am so proud.  Remember live performance will always be different every time you do it.  It’s ok to embrace how things come out, even if they are unexpected!  You OWNED that room yesterday and you deserved it.  Your musicality is a natural gift and you are developing it beautifully.  Well done!  :)