Things are going well Heather.  I can hear the progress you are making.  continue to explore the “less important” words and their vowels in each bit of phrase. Ensure that these vowels are pure and feel good to sing.  Then when you speed things up and sing complete phrases you will notice greater ease in singing.  I look forward to what new music you bring to work on next time. cheers!


I like that you are getting more and more about making a really pretty sound my dear.  It’s fun when music is de-mystified isn’t it?  It makes it all a bit more easy to learn.  You are gaining a lot of ground every week.  It’s time to look into some keyboard skills perhaps.  We can talk about it.  cheers!

So, working in the upper register can be a bear can’t it!  I know this very well myself.  But note that the energy we put into building the “muscle” of one part of our range will show strength in other parts of our range.  How about we find a very up tempo song to work on to see what can be uncovered in the learning of it!  see you soon!

Well done with the song writing process lady!  I think it is very good progress.  but…..you must stop being so hard on yourself.  It’s good to be analytical as long as it is positive. punishing yourself won’t ever benefit you.  Believe me I know!   Listen to Whitney Houston’s – The Greatest Love of All.  This song may be a better fit for you right now.  See if you like it!  see you soon!