Hi everyone! Nice work this week–keep it up! Recommended practice time is 15-20 minutes 5x a week. See below for you or your child’s homework assignments! :)


-practice Spanish lyrics by: speaking them aloud, listening to a recording of someone singing/speaking it, singing them with the pitch
-drill the tricky melodic sections with your piano. Once you get it, practice it at least another 3 times to lock in the habit.
-chest voice exercise: Practice singing major triads (Do Mi So Mi Do, aka 1 3 5 3 1) finding your chest voice resonance. Can you actually feel the vibrations in your chest? Try to use breath support when you do this (deep breath in expanding at the ribs, firm abdomen)


-Rudolph: LH — practice changing between the new chords we learned (C – G7 – C – G7). Our goal is for it to become super easy to find the chords; RH — keep up practicing the right hand so it remains fresh in your mind
-Lazy Mary: (pg 61) – try sight reading the first line


-practice finding ABC on the piano
-now you know 5 notes! ABCDE — can you make up your own song using only these notes? On the high end of the piano? The low end?
-practice our high and low buzzing notes — can you slide up and down between them? (like a buzzing siren)
-I’d love to hear London Bridge next week if you’re able!

Excellent progress this week! See you all next time :)



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