Hi everyone,

Here is you homework for this week:


Practice the accent patterns that we worked on together. Remember to keep your sticks low for the non-accented notes, and to raise them high for the accented ones. Practice each rhythm slowly several times before trying to play it faster.


Keep working on Back in Black. Review the verse and chorus, then start working on the new beat from the guitar solo section. Also, listen to the song and try to practice at the same speed as the recording.


Work on the fills from your jazz tune. Practice each one separately, and then try that whole section together. Keep it slow for now and focus on keeping a really steady beat. Pay close attention to the shot notes that don’t land on the beat – they’re really tricky!


Practice the new beat that I gave you this week as well as some older ones from your folder. Try to play each beat for a minute or two minutes without stopping. This will help to develop more consistency in your playing. Also, try to speed up or slow down while you’re playing. It’s important to keep a steady beat.