Great work this week, everyone, and nice to meet those of you who are new to me! Please find your homework suggestions below, along with recommended practice times.


Here is a folder with a summary doc of some of the concepts we talked about during our lesson, as well as a note-naming worksheet. No pressure to do all of it–just whatever you have time for/feel you could benefit from.
In the meantime, I will search for some easy versions of the songs we discussed.

Recommended practice time: 15mins a day


Ode to Joy – practice this one this week, remembering that the LH plays first
Finish up pg 15 of theory

Recommended practice time: 5-10 mins a day


Money Can’t Buy Everything – keep working on the RH of this piece. Try to keep your eyes on the page and follow along!

Recommended practice time: 5-10 mins a day


-Keep working on our breathing/candle exercise (your current record is 24 seconds!) and the 1, 1-2-1, etc. warmup
-Kill em with Kindness – continue to practice with the karaoke track
-Part of your world – listen to some performances of it this week (broadway or movie, you can find a bunch on Youtube). Think about what you notice the singers doing!
-Piano: C D E F G March from your lesson book. Remember that your fingers are OPPOSITES on your hands, so even though C is always at the bottom, on your RH you play finger 1 first and your LH is finger 5 first


-Trout/Die Forelle: work on playing even 8th notes
-Finale: remember that the slur is different from tied notes (bar 10, + others similar)
-Arietta: try out the RH, slow and steady
-Sherlock Holmes: listen to a performance of it on Youtube to get it in your ear

Amazing work, folks! See you next time :)