Hello everyone! Hope you all have an excellent week :) Please see below for suggestions for you or your child’s practice this week.


-continue to use the warmups as found in the workbook from the past two weeks — aim to keep the jaw and tongue loose and relaxed!
-play around with the differences you notice in your head voice and chest voice (and the different “percentages” you can add of each one) and we will continue to work more on this next time!!
-A la nanita nana — Main goal is to master the melody on an “oo” vowel. Keep your lips in a tight oo whenever possible–modification as you go higher in your range makes sense, but always aim to “sound” an oo. Watch out for bars 9, and 33-36. Remember you can access the recordings online with the link I gave you! Feel free to email me if you have trouble accessing.


-A Whole New World: practice the first two “systems” (i.e. that’s the first two lines/chunks of music) hands together. Watch out for the tricky rhythms we discussed– please keep practicing the rest of what we’ve worked on hands separately as well!
-Theory book: #5 for homework :)
-Tomorrow: sing it out loud and proud!! Visualize yourself singing a song you feel super confident with–can you feel the same way about “Tomorrow”? Consider listening to recordings of it to help solidify any questions you might have about the tune.


-practice singing My Favourite Things with your lyric sheets! One spot to work on the lyrics could be in the third verse! (girls in white dresses, etc etc)
-practice finding C, D, E on your keyboard at home! How fast can you find them? Can you find CDE on the low part of the piano? the high part? Can you make up a new song using those notes?


-Faded — keep practicing what we’ve worked on before, PLUS the new stuff we added today! If you get stuck with any rhythms, listen to the recording of the song and try to imitate it!
-how fast can you match up the notes on the page with the keys on the piano? See if you can test yourself!


-Believer — practice intro Hands together. The rest (Verse 1, and pre-chorus) can be just the right hand. (If you WANT to add the LH, feel free :D) Some of the rhythms are tricky–that’s okay! Refer back to the recording and try to imitate what you hear :)
-Keep up the practice on your C major scale

Have a wonderful week everyone :)