Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Take a look at the new bass/snare rhythms that we worked on this week. Focus on which notes are to be played on the bass drum and which are to be played on the snare drum. Count the rhythm out loud before you play.


Practice the three new 16th-note beats that we worked on this week. Play everything very slowly at first and focus on making sure that your hands are always alternating: Right, Left, R, L, R, L, etc. Keep your hands moving in this pattern and try to get the bass drum to always line up with the right hand.


Take a look at the new jazz and swing patterns in your book. Practice playing different combinations of rhythms in the left hand while keeping everything else the same. Even though you don’t currently have a drum set, you can still practice these rhythms with your hands and feet while sitting down.


Practice the two new 16th-note beats that we worked on this week. Play them slowly and count each beat out loud while you play. This will help you to play the rhythms accurately and consistently. Also, focus on getting each note on the snare drum and bass drum to line up with the hi-hat.


Take a look at the bridge and break sections of Can’t Stop. Work on the fills and transitions between sections. Also, take a look at the mambo beat with the various right hand ride cymbal patterns. Practice each element separately and then in combination with the others. Eventually it will start to feel more comfortable!


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