Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


You’re all set for the recital! Remember when playing fills to try not to cover the vocal line. Wait until the singer comes to the end of a phrase before playing a fill. At the end of the song when the vocals are finished, you can play longer and more frequent fills. Just make sure that you always stay in time.


Spend time this week practicing each of the main rudiments that we have worked on so far: rolls, flams, and drags. Next week we will work some more on rudimental snare drumming, but we won’t spend our whole time on it. If you have any ideas of something you would like to work on during our last two lessons before the holidays, please let me know next week.


Spend some more time this week working on the sixteenth notes rhythms that we have learned. Count out loud while you play and try to always keep a steady pulse. Also, work on the coordination exercises with you hands and right foot.


Practice the quarter note and eighth note rhythms from your book. Count out loud while you play and try to really listen to what the rhythms sound like. Make sure that you can hear a difference between the quarter notes and eighth notes.