Awesome job today, and practice this week, y’all!


You really turned over a new leaf since you came back from India, my boy!  Are you doing the 30 minute challenge (every day)?  If you do, you’ll be playing concerti in no time!  Looking forward to the recital tomorrow!!


Remember to write out the remaining counts (for every bar) in ‘What a Wonderful World’.  Then, practice the right hand without singing while counting OUT LOUD those counts as you play!  Your movement to the rhythm is getting a lot better, but your understanding of time values, and adhering to them, could be better!!


You turned a new leaf this semester, too!  Keep it up, the key is to PRACTICE EVERYDAY, at least 30 minutes.  You can do it!!


Bit by bit, your fingers are getting used to the cello.  Your left pinky needs the most work.  Do strength exercises — pluck the string as you retract it when coming off of a note, and keep those fingers spread a part!  You should be doing AT LEAST 30 minutes per day, my dear.