The moon/cookie song is a good one for you.  See if you can learn almost all of it by next time.  Make sure to make your words really clear and don’t slide into notes.  Sing gently – remember the Reflection song.  On those high notes your tone is so pretty.  Try to bring that tone to other songs you do.  Important:  please do some gentle warm ups each day before you sing your songs.  You will notice a big difference.  See you soon! good work! :)

Great to meet you my dear!  You’re voice is lovely and full of great shades of expression.  I look forward to working with you.  Try isolating the ornaments in the Feist song by slowing them right down.  Check with your piano to make sure you are in tune with each note.  Be relaxed about it.  Enjoy each note.  Repetition is your friend.  It’s like training a muscle.  Warming up will take you a long way to strengthening your voice.  Do warm ups each day even if you don’t get to singing songs every day.  5-10 min is fine even 2 minutes is better than nothing. Humming is what you should stick to for now.  Don’t forget to bring another song so we’ll have two to work on.  See you soon! :)

Thank you for bringing your recordings.  It is very VERY good to listen to yourself and have a record of yourself singing.  This way you can really hear how things change.  Do small warm ups before working on your songs ok? Do you know the Beyonce song Halo?  I think this would be a good one for you to learn.  Try to learn a bit of it and we’ll work on it next week.  You’re doing really well.  Remember to embrace your weirdness!  The world loves interesting characters so don’t hide your most interesting parts.  Good to see you….see you soon.  :)