Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week. If I don’t see you next week for a make-up lesson, then have a great summer!


Keep practicing the triplet-based drum beats and the shuffle beat that we have been working on. Remember to count in your head to make sure you are staying consistent. Also, practice the two new drum rudiments that we discussed this week: the flam and the drum roll. The drum roll especially will take a long time to develop, so work on it a little bit each time you practice.


Have fun practicing the 6/8 Latin beat that we worked on this week. Also, try to spend some time over the summer looking for new songs that you might like to learn on drums. We have covered a lot of stuff this year, but there are always new things to learn!


Good work on the homework from last week. This week, work on the beat and fills from Machine Gun Blues by Social Distortion. Try to always maintain a consistent speed and a solid sense of time. We’ll work on this some more next week.


Great work on the jazz rhythms! Practice playing the jazz pattern at a variety of different speeds and try reading the snare rhythms in different combinations. Imagine that your snare drum is accompanying a simple melody and try to come up with interesting rhythmic combinations.