Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep practicing the triplet exercises from your book. Make sure you are aware of when your left hand is playing on the beat, and try to accent those notes a little bit. This will help to strengthen your left hand and to keep the beat steady. Also, practice playing “Oh Darlin’” by the Beatles and try adding some triplet fills.


Work on playing all of the parts of Arabella that we have learned so far, particularly the Chorus into Verse 2. Play along with the recording if you are able to as this will help with timing and consistency. Be careful not to lose time during the transitions between sections.


Practice the rhythms and beats that we worked on this week. Try playing each one at a variety of different speeds (slow, medium, and fast). Always try to keep a steady speed and a consistent pulse. Also, work on putting the beats and rhythms together as drum fills.