Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Work on finishing up your ACDC song this week. Focus on the guitar solo section and the last chorus. When you’re practicing, try to not stop when you make a mistake, but rather keep going and try to maintain a steady speed. Next week we’ll try to get through the whole song.


Practice playing through Crying Lightning this week and next week we’ll try to do it with the recording. Also, take a look at the snare drum rolls that we worked on at the end of your lesson. We’ll come back to those and work on putting them in context.


Practice the thirty-second note rhythms that we worked on together. Play each one several times in a row without stopping. Focus on keep a steady beat and maintaining the right relationship between different rhythmic units. Next week we will come back to The Who song.


Practice the next rhythms that we learned in your last lesson – the ones that use sixteenth notes. Also, keep working on the coordination exercises that use the bass, snare, and hi-hat. We’ll do some more of that next week.


Practice the snare and bass rhythms that we worked on together. Remember that the bass is the bottom line and the snare is the top line. Try to play each exercises a few times in a row with out stopping.