Dear Tai,

Fur Elise – amazing job! (try to even out the transition part – octaves on E, follow the fingering suggestion)

Sunburst Waltz – keep your wrist relaxed for the eighth notes (to insure the same weight and time value for each of them)

Sad song – 1st and 2nd page – same (steady) pulse

Pagoda in the Purple Mist – change in the last line (reversed chords in the RH) sounds good!

The Dragon Hunt – play both ways by memory, and with the book

Presto – 1 page only (you can try hands together)


scales: C, D, E, F, G, A, B major

Try to practice 15- 20 minutes a day


Dear Carmen,

Ode to Joy – great job memorizing!! (make sure you keep your eights notes even)

Row row row your Boat – count your beats : 1 2 3 (dotted half notes)

Hush Little Baby – C position, call the names of the notes as you play them


Try to practice 10 minutes a day.


Dear Ian,

Circus Day

Smoothly rocking

Row row row your boat




(you can practice “backwards” – from the newest song to the oldest, using your best focus and energy on the most difficult one, also say the name of each note as you play it, it’ll help you memorize it faster :))


Try to practice 10 -15 minutes a day.






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