What we worked on today: We finalized the track we’ll be singing with (linked here) and worked more on our song.

Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day – make sure some of that time is spent in front of a mirror.

What to practice: We’re only going to work on the first three verses of the song, so please review and practice those. We want to practice singing in front of a mirror to make sure we know what shapes we’re making when we sing.

How to practice most effectively: Practice along with the track to become comfortable with it. Please remember to sing in front of the mirror and watch the shapes you’re making – we want to ensure there’s more space between your teeth and jaw when you sing. We’re focusing on trying to make sure there’s at least enough space for a pen when we sing, if not more!


What we worked on: “TV” by Billie Eilish!

Recommended minutes to practice: 15 – 20 minutes a day.

What to practice: We talked this week about shape and learning about glottals, so that’s what I’d like you to focus on this week.

How to practice most effectively: We want to find shape in those “n” shaped phrases, as they go up and down. Grow with the music and fall with the music. As I said today, too, we aren’t overusing glottal’s at all, but I want to make you aware of the sounds you’re making. Linked here is a great video that discusses glottal’s more eloquently than I could today. Give it a watch and then pay attention to the pressure you put onto your vowels and consonants.