Here is your folder. Moving forward, any music you need will be uploaded her. So if for whatever reason you can’t find the homework posts, you can just go back to the folder and find what you’re looking for.

Excited to work on Jump with you. I’m working on your sheet music, which will be in your folder tomorrow (Friday) or the day after. For now, practice with this recorded track. Have fun with it! Remember to really think about where you’re breathing. When you have the sheet music, go through, circle your punctuation and make all sorts of marks on it.


Really good work this week. You’re making wonderful progress. We started a new song today – Above All. Here is a link to your sheet music. We talked a lot about your musicality, and letting the song grow as you progress through it. For this week, I want you to experiment with that – where do you start to grow? We also want to focus on lifting our head to look at the ceiling and thinking up and over when we sing the higher notes through the chorus. Have fun with it.


Great work on Your Power. For this week, I want you to focus on the beginning of the song. Finding that first note is tough, so practice by thinking about the last part of the verse. When you become comfortable with that lead up, the chorus notes will become so much easier.

Here is a link to our new song – Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.


Linked here is your new sheet music for Andante Andante. It is also in your folder. Give me a day or two and I’ll upload a track for you to practice with. This week, we want to focus on dropping our jaw – the more cartoonish, the better. Really over exaggerate it. I also want you to monitor how you breathe before bed – notice how your stomach moves. That’s how we want to breathe when we sing. So have fun, experiment a bit.