Happy Valentines Week everyone!


Great work this week! We’re putting “Dead Mom” on the backburner for the time being, and focusing on “What’s Wrong With Me” from Mean Girls. Here’s your sheet music and a track to practice with. Spend some time this week getting familiar with the song and mark up your sheet music with any parts that you’re having trouble with for us to look through next week.


This week, I need you to listen to the song a few times and review your lyrics & melody. Once you feel super confident with the song, we can dig in deeper. Please, please make sure you practice a bit this week. School always comes first, but we still need to practice our singing every week. I am making you a follow track to practice with. When it’s done (likely Monday), it’ll be in this folder here. So please check back then! Remember to warm up before you practice!


We had a great class this week. She’s technically learned all of “Believer”, so now it’s just all about reinforcing the bits we’ve learned. For parents, here’s a music notes cheat sheet for you, so you can help Lizzie. Remember, when you’re practicing the song, both thumbs start on Middle C – which is the white key to the left of the group of two black notes right in the middle of the piano. I know Lizzie doesn’t want you in the room, but let’s see if we can maybe get one of you in the room for the last few minutes next week, just to see what we’re doing to make practicing at home a little easier.??


Good work today! This week, when you practice, remember we want to try and memorize all the words, so listen to the song and sing-along until you can do it without looking at the words. We also want to explore how the song shifts from talking to a friend, to long, smooth phrases. So when you’re practicing, remember to try talking and then swimming through the phrases!