Piano adventures p. 32-33 “A little Night Music”. Read both pages for next class. Remember that the dotted half note lasts 3 beats. Pay attention to the accents and dynamics of the piece as well.

Practice the first part of “Athlete Theme” with separate hands.

Maria Ines:

Payphone: Put the melody with the chords together. (Chord sequence is always F-C-Am-G). For the pre-chorus and chorus of the song, try to add different rhythms to the left hand. Avoid playing just the block chord on the first beat,


Piano Adventures p. 54 “Elephant Ride”. Read for next class. Make sure she starts in the right hand position (LH: ring finger in G; RH index in D).


“Come See the Parade”: Play from beginning to end. Be particularly careful about reading the notes in the left hand correctly and starting in the right position. Try not to stop between lines.