Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy Valentine’s Day this coming week :) I appreciate all your hard work.


Saints, use any LH rhythms you want using the written chords while playing the RH melody.

Avatar, love the blocked chord practice you’re doing! Also love the one beat over and over slowly tactic we used in class. Keep using these strategies throughout the piece, as well as playing along with the youtube video slowed down.

Great sightreading! Keep thinking about getting the Faber Adult Book 2!


Minuet, the new concept introduced here is 8th notes. They are half as long as a quarter note, meaning they take up half of 1 beat. In this piece we will say 1+2+3+. They are to be played smooth and legato here. Your RH does not move from the C 5-finger position this whole piece.

Great work on the D Major scale! Keep working on it this week to get it as fluent as the C and G ones :)


Detective Agency is awesome! Pat yourself on the back! This week we’re focusing on details, like the contrast between the staccato and the legato lines. Another thing to focus on is the groups of 3 notes where the last one you bounce off of, like the sequence at the top of page 2. Pay attention to all this stuff this week :)

Great work on the D Major scale! Keep warming up with it this week and then your new challenge is the E Major scale. It has 4 black keys = F#, G#, C#, D#.

*New Piece* 1st page Storms on Saturn. The diagram at the top of the page shows what position this piece is in = all whole tones. This means you’ll never play two notes that are right beside each other in this piece. Enjoy the cool sound the pedal creates and be sure to do the dynamics to create a lovely echoing soundscape.