Work on the breathing exercises we looked at in the lesson (they are posted below) make sure you are taking a full breath on each quarter note and exhaling completely on the dotted half notes. If you feel like you’re going to faint STOP IMMEDIATELY and take a break. But that does mean you’re moving a lot of air which is a good thing!

Daily routine #1–work on getting a consistent tone. This will help you with your mid-low range tone production especially with the new mouthpiece. Remember to take a full breath after each long tone!

Georgia On My Mind–look at the first half of the piece. Focus on rhythmic accuracy and pitch.

REMEMBER! Sit as your would stand–this will help you balance your head on your shoulders and also sit with excellent posture. When in doubt–stand up tall and sit down and keep your elbows out of your stomach!

Breathing Exercise No. 1

Daily Routine No. 1



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