Nice work on Eye of the Tiger, it is sounding great. Give extra attention to that intro this week. Try to get the accents going on every down beat, as well as a nice even rhythm and tone across all notes. Keep practicing the chord shapes for the riff of the song also. Hero is also sounding great. Keep working on the chord transitions, as well as the full song. Great work on Feel Invisible today! We will finish it next time. Nice work!


Great work on Viva La Vita today. Practice the chord transitions on this tune, especially when switching between shapes. Nice work on the bar chords today. It is a huge topic that can get very confusing at times, but you are doing great with it. Practice our major and minor shapes from the E and A strings (top 4 strings, and finding the fingerings that are most comfortable for you). Additionally, keep working on our full bar chord shapes. That was sounding really good today. Good work!


Nice job with The Trooper! Keep working on it this week, and incorporate the pull offs we went over today. The ideas to remember for the pull offs are: 1) always have the fingers behind the pull off down, 2) pull down rather than away from the neck, 3) release the string before it starts to bend. Also work on My Name Is Jonas this week. Have a listen to the song and play through the different sections. We will finish it next time. Great work!


Nice work on Don’t Go Slow. Listen to the song this week and follow along with your chord chart. You can even write out where in the chord changes are in relation to the lyrics. That might be helpful! Practice those power chords this week and try to memorize the chords and structure. Next week, we will work on the right hand strumming for the song. Bring another song you want to learn also! Nice job!


Here Comes the Sun is sounding great. Keep working on it, and we can finish the other sections another time. Nice work on Smells Like Teen Spirit today! Practice the ideas of both the power chords and the dead strums in between. Find a way to do those dead strums that works for you! This song is great to work on the topic of muting. We will continue to cover this idea. Nice work on Come As You Are. Have a listen to the song this week. Good work!