Hope you had fun learning Megalovania today! Try actually reading the music so you can learn things faster on your own in the future. We’ll probably get back to kit next time but if there’s anything else you want to play on xylo let me know.


Sounds like the rock beat variations are becoming pretty comfortable for you, just make sure you can repeat them effortlessly. Try picking a variation you’ve done and repeating it for 5-10 minutes a day without pause. Keep working on the reading exercises from lesson 1, lets nail the 2nd one we’ve been doing for a while and I might have you move onto a longer exercise. Make sure to relax when you play, we don’t want any injuries. Let me know in lessons if you’re feeling any pain, there’s a lot we can do about your playing position.


You look a lot more comfortable playing for me than in your first lesson! You’ll adapt to performing rather easily don’t worry about it. The main thing when playing with a larger group is make sure to play softly and listen to others unless they tell you to play louder.

For lessons just make sure you can get through that etude without stopping and work on controlling your double strokes a little more.


The 16th note grid is really coming along! Try to really feel the groove when playing with a metronome; make it therapeutic, not stressful. We’ll keep working on reading butaybe some kit stuff next time. It’s very intuitive don’t overthink it, you did great!