Nice job on Daytripper! Stick with it! Try to play along to the song this week. Good work on About Damn Time this week. Listen to the tune and piece together the different parts we learned today. This tune is tricky, so practice the riff slowly (but in time). Remember we have to down tune our E to an Eb for this song. Also practice In My Life this week. Try to play along to the song, and connect the chord movement with the different sections. Do not stress over the riff: we will go over it again next time. Nice job!


Nice progress on Wavin Flag! Keep practicing that song with both the melody and the chords. Nice job on Wildest Dreams. We will continue to learn the melody next time, and then move onto the chords. I will write out tabs for you next time so you can have them in front of you while we work. Nice job!


Nice work on Wake Me Up! Remember to focus individually on the strumming pattern and the chord switching like we talked about. It is really coming along. Practice the riff for next time. Try to sing it in your head while you play (this is what I do too). Good work with the talk on bar chords. It is a huge topic, but it will make sense soon. Give extra attention this week to B major and B minor. They will become very important regarding bar chords. Try to move those shapes around on the neck! Nice work!


Enter Sandman sounds good! Keep going with it! Nice work on My Name is Jonas. Try to play through the whole structure, and play along to the song if you can. Good work on Island In The Sun today. Remember our first chord is going to be that E minor with the G note on top. Again, try to play through the whole form and play along to the tune! We will finish the solo next time. Bring another song you want to work on next week! Nice job!


Great work on But Not For Me today. It is one of the easier heads we have learned, but it is a beautiful song with lots to teach us! Practice the tune this week, playing the intro melody and the head (Note: it is very helpful to learn the lyrics for vocal tunes in regards to memorization and phrasing). Also try to play through the tune with the chords. It would also be helpful to play along to the recording playing just the root notes of each chord (do not stress about playing the full chords yet, the song moves very quickly). Additionally, work on the solo section of Sir Duke. The key here will be to practice each phrase slowly, and start to speed it up. Nice work!