Athletic (Mario Theme): put left and right hands together, and practice the rest of the melody.

Piano Adventures p. 34-35, and read 37 if you can.

Maria Ines:

“In the Stars”: Practice the whole chorus. Be careful with how much each chord lasts. For practice, play the chorus in a loop. Then, try the complete song.

“Payphone”: Keep improving your arrangement. Remember that you can play the chord as a block only in the verse. For the rest of the sections, try to introduce rhythmic variants (arpeggios for example).


“Yankee Doodle” (p. 55): Play from beginning to end. Try to make sure Noreet is using the correct fingering at all times.


“Midnight Ride”: Play from beginning to end, and try to memorize the piece for the next class. Add the dynamics (f, p). Play as fast as you can while keeping the rhythm even.