Dear Piano Explorers and Parents


Pop Goes The Weasel: Both hands are close together so be careful that you use the correct hand for the notes in each clef. Also, this piece jumps around, going up and down several octaves. Use middle C as your reference point. Make it your goal to move to each position without a pause.

Cool Groove: Bar 17 – practice moving up to the accented note and moving back smoothly without a pause. You need to find the notes in both hands correctly. Practice this slowly – can you play it correctly 3 times in a row?

New Shoes: Play up to bar 7. Notice which notes are the same, and how the notes move up and down. Remember to play the B flats.



Technique: Check your book for the new triads you are practicing this week. Remember to add the cadences at the end of each triad. Step 1: play the I chord in 1st inversion. Then play the V chord by moving the top and bottom notes of the I chord  down. Then go back to the I chord. Support the chords in the RH with the appropriate note in the LH.

Foggy Day Blues: Play slow enough that you can incorporate the pedal and dynamics and articulation (slurs, accent, etc.) Practice the first page alone and see if you can put all those together. Then practice the second page. 

Fur Elise: Do spot practice for those challenging sections. You have a lovely steady sense of the pulse. Continue that when the notes change to triplets, 32nd notes, or 16th notes.



Piano Maestro: Download this app. Start on “Journey” to learn notes on the piano. 

My note games: Download this app. Choose “tap this note” and just tap each note as you identify it.

We practiced Kitty Waltz  today. Also, write down the 4 words that you find from the back of the card and bring it for next lesson.




5 Top songs: thank you for choosing them! You can warm up with them and continue to polish and refine them.

Lavender’s Blue: This piece begins in the LH. Take care not to rush. Check how the LH finger 2 crosses over the thumb. This should be a relaxed crossover. You will also need to reach “A” with the LH thumb.