Hello Piano explorers and Parents

Here’s the assignments for this week:


The Bubble is coming along: pay special attention to bars 9-12 this week, checking that the LH is playing the correct chord. Bar 10: check that you’re starting on C, not D. The last LH chord is LOW G, so be sure to move there quickly. Overall, you’re playing more fluently.

When the Saints : be sure to start in C position, and play slow enough so that you can practice playing all the way without stopping.



London Bridge: She is improving at her ability to play the notes on the page regardless of the new finger position. Continue to practice RH only, and point to each note as she plays, to help her follow the notes.

Hush Little Baby: Practice hands together, first line only. I clapped the rhythm and then had her follow (saying the words may help). Can you do this as well at home, to help her internalize the rhythm.



Hot Cross Buns: The first two lines are repeated, so the song is actually only 2 lines long.  She did a great job playing this in class. Try to remind her to practice this song a few times daily.

Rain, Rain: This song is also new, and may be a little challenging as the RH will be playing more notes. We identified “A” today, and if she stays in C position, it will help her practice this song successfully.



We reviewed how to draw the “grand staff” today. Her Can Can was more fluent today, so she passed that. This week, continue to practice Surprise Symphony (needs to be faster,  and smoother, with fewer pauses). Be sure that all the staccato (short, detached) notes are played correctly. Continue to practice Alouette. If she has time, she can start M&M Medley (the side with C position).



Cowboy Medley rhythm was much improved! His hand coordination was superb. In C Scale Stomp, practice this carefully and check your hands if something sounds “off”. Most likely, the problem is forgetting to move the LH to the changed position in bar 2. Continue to practice Can Can this week, and he can play all the way to the end as well.



C Me Play  was played very steadily using her index finger (finger 2). This week, play Cha Cha Cha. Remind her to open her hand up (she tends to make a fist and stick out only the finger required) and use finger 2 for playing the C and finger 3 for playing the D. Thank you for working in the Piano Maestro app! I see all three stars for the songs in Chapter 1. This week, check your “home challenge” button to see the songs assigned for this week. She can also continue onto Chapter 2 this week!


Thanks everyone