Hello Piano Explorers and Parents



Irish washerwoman: notice the fingering change (finger one is not on C). The triangle represents the parts where finger one stretches or reaches to C. Be careful not to move your entire hand; just the thumb

Check if she keeps her finger 4 on G

Dotty waltz: this piece reviews the rhythm from London Bridge is Falling Down. Remind her that her hand is like a flower and the wind lifts it up and brings it to the next place. Check if she lifts from the wrist and that her shoulders stay down.


Irish washerwoman: New. This is in a different hand position (we made a note of where her hand position is, and where her thumb needs to move down to reach C).

This is my C Scale: this is in her piano adventures B book p. 68/69. Zoe tends to lift her fingers up when they are not playing. I’ve been encouraging her to keep the fingers down. See video below:





Trumpet Voluntary: check the notes in bar 9 and 10. Aim to play these bars without a mistake.

Simple gifts: Almost there! Continue to practice this so it becomes more fluent. Aim for 5 times daily.

Fur Elise: Listen as you play, for a smooth sound. On the second page, cross your LH over to play the high G.



Spring Theme: work on p.56 only. Be sure all the RH notes are correct.

Twinkle Twinkle: this is in a new position (F major). Eduardo played the RH alone and LH alone during the lesson so that is how he can practice it at home. If he begins to find that very easy to do, he can put both hands together.




Great job on Spooks.

Irish washerwoman: same position as Spooks (thumb on D not C). Notice the finger 1’s with hearts indicate that the thumb stretches to reach C, rather than the entire hand moving down. Try to keep finger 2 always on E