Hello piano explorers and parents

Here’s the homework assignment for this week.


In Dinosaur Stomp, be sure to find the low G (two G’s away from middle C) and leave space for the rest when you play. You’re finding the notes quicker but be careful with the LH notes so you’re not playing D instead of C. Try playing the first two bars, 3 times in a row without any fumbles. In your new song Dreidel , your hands are close together. Play slowly and try to play both songs for a total of 15-20 min daily for the quickest improvement. Continue to play your Dozen a Day exercises: your fingers have gotten much stronger and your chords sound especially solid.



In Rain, Rain Go Away you did a great job playing the hands separately. Since it’s much harder to play hands together, play SUPER slowly (slow enough you have time to think about which LH is accompanying the RH). We started Hot Cross Buns today, with a similar LH accompaniment.  The song repeats, so you only have to practice the first two lines of the song.  Aim to practice Rain Rain for 5-8 min. daily, and 10 min. for Hot Cross Buns. Keep in mind that as you continue to practice, the amount of time spent decreases because she will play it quicker and more fluently.



In Little Sonatina,  remember that staccatos mean to play the note short, NOT fast. This means you need to keep your quarter notes steady, while playing them short. We started Cowboy Medley today.  Answer the questions about the first song in the medley (Turkey in the Straw) on the previous page. Aim to practice both songs 10 min. daily, for 4 days this week.



You’ve come a long way in note reading, and you were able to play the entire Star Spangled well after just one week! Keep in mind that playing the notes with the correct rhythm is just as important as reading the notes. Without the rhythm, it will not sound like the song. Think of the eighth notes as “ti-ti” and quarter notes as the slower “ta, ta” and half notes as 1-2. So your first few bars will sound like “ti-ti ta, ta, ta, 1-2”. We began Oh When he Saints Go Marching In  today. There are many different LH chords, and they change quickly, so practice the LH alone for at least 1 or 2 days with the correct rhythm before playing the hands together. Aim for 10 min. daily for each song.


Thanks everyone and have a great week!