Hello Piano Explorers and Parents!

School is already in full swing and so are we at ABC Academy of Music.
Here is the first homework email of the year:

Welcome to ABC. Continue to get familiar with patterns of notes on lines and spaces, and relating that to the white keys on the keyboard. Review the location of landmarks G, F, middle C.

Welcome back. Learned about the C triad (tri = 3, so a chord with 3 notes played at the same time). Listen for a full sound with all 3 notes sounding together. Aim to practice “My Pony” 3-4 times daily.

Welcome back. Did you get a chance to tell the “neighbourhood” story to anyone? You can ask Veda to find ANY key on the keyboard from A to G. Remind her of where the “garage” and “house” are located if she finds the incorrect key. Try a speed game where she has to identify on the keyboard as many keys as fast as she can in a minute.

Welcome back. We reviewed: recognizing CDE (treble clef) and A (bass clef) on the musical staff as well as finding them on the keyboard. I hope to do more review and then start a new song next week, so you can also ask Zoe to play any songs in her book that have A C D E in them as a review.

It was great checking which parts of the “ear training” portion you excel at, as well as those that can be further improved (chords, intervals). Focus on the bumpy parts in “Little Piece” until it feels more natural and comfortable, (and the incorrect way feels “wrong”).

You were great at playing “Bass C” when it’s together with G; don’t forget it’s TWO spaces up in the bass clef. That way, you can learn to recognize it even when it’s not with G. When playing “Morning Theme”, aim for a peaceful, calm, quiet morning mood. In “Old MacDonald”, look for the A and just move your thumb up.

We are already onto the last song in your book (you can bring the new book next lesson). We learned about “sharps” and “naturals”, so be careful in “Old Gray Mare” which has both.

Have a great week