Dear Gemma

The Butterfly : pedal

harmony correction (measure 12)

Gigue s L’Angloise : keep the steady tempo

dynamics (echo like)

The Song of Twilight : make sure you know all your LH chords

try faster tempo


All scales and chords (focus on F and B flat majors, D major formula pattern)

(try to practice at least 20- 30 min a day)


Dear Jessie

Masquarade : arpeggios connected (evenly)

work on tempo

Top : clear articulation


German Dance : memorize (focus on the 2nd half)

Rigadoon : tempo


Dream Catcher : keep on memorizing

add pedal


All scales and triads

(try to practice at least 20 – 30 min a day)


Dear Tai

Dragon hunt : good memory work!

Captain Hook’s rockin’ party (new note : low C, keep the beat LH)

Almost like a dream (A minor  – F major positions inter- changing)


Great work on Spanish Caballero!


Dear Carmen

new pieces: Take a step

Stepping down

Right hand song (new note : RH E)

Stepping down (new note: LH B)

Music to share (new note : LH A)


(make sure to practice everyday)