Dear piano explorers and parents

Only 5 more regular lessons left in the school year. If you’re owed a lesson, that makes it 6 more lessons.  Keep up the good work everyone, and finish strong!  I’m available for summer lessons for those who are interested.


Please complete drawing the notes and “note math” worksheet.

Oh Susanna:  Thank you for working on the rest of the song! It is starting to come together! Continue to play the RH notes carefully (sometimes you are in the opposite direction to where the notes are moving).  Try playing the RH alone twice, then hands together two times.

Morning: We worked on the RH part of this. Please practice the first page.



Old MacDonald :  check your left hand chords carefully.   Your thumb should move up to A and then back down to G.  Don’t let your other fingers move.  Aim to play Old Macdonald 4 times daily

Please complete drawing the notes and “note math” worksheet.



A Little Joke: You’re doing great!  Keep practicing carefully and aim for consistency. Don’t let the slurs and staccatos affect your rhythm.

Cool Groove: Be sure the eighth and quarter note rhythm is accurate.

Rising Sun: All black keys. Each section gets repeated.



Fur Elise: Great job today! This is our duet together. You can hear how much he has improved in keeping a steady beat.


Theme from Symphony 1: Check your LH chords carefully. Be sure you’re playing the B flats.

Starfish at Night: NEW. Have fun playing this new song! It’s mostly pattern based.



Can’t Let Go: Watch out for the F sharps (the “special” note that’s also in “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”)

Nightfall: Hold the LH notes G and C while RH plays. Check that you’re holding the tied notes for their full value.

Simple Gifts:  Don’t rush through this. Be sure to hold the quarter notes for their full value (I like to count “ti-ti” for eighth notes and “ta” for quarter notes).





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