Meredith S.



From now on I strongly encourage both you the parents and Meredith to reference these weekly homework posts to stay up to date on progress reports, homework assigned in the lesson, and as a reference from week to week for practicing and to remind yourself what is expected by the next lesson.

The past month in our lessons have been quite productive. Our first lesson was structured so that I could get to know Meredith and evaluate what her goals should be as we move forward into the academic year. Meredith has a good basic understanding of how to make a quality sound on the flute and how to hold the instrument properly which I was impressed by. These skills take most beginning students quite some time to grasp. Meredith’s greatest weakness as of now would be reading music and rhythm with ease which is what we are currently working on in our lessons. Last lesson she brought a long list of repertoire from her music class which will be the main focus of our lessons.

I would like to emphasize the importance of practicing in which is a skill that must be learned on its own. At this level, I recommend at least 20-30 minutes of practice every day if possible, and or every other day. I understand that Meredith has quite a lot of homework but without practice we cannot accomplish as much as I would like to in our lessons. If possible, I would like Meredith to bring a lined notebook to each lesson and this will be our practice journal where I will write down what needs practice and how to facilitate this practice at home.

Lastly, as a friendly reminder I would like to remind you to notify the Director Barnaby of any absences/vacations that may arise in the future. Once Barnaby has been notified he then lets me know of these absences so that I am aware not to come to TFS that day.


Thank you and I look forward to our next lesson!


~Andrea Brzezinski