Bayli Cohen


Good work on Tuesday, We continued to work on your music class piece “The Best of Queen” and reviewed the 2 octave F Major scale. We also talked about how the flute should be held while playing, along with where the head-joint (where you blow air into the flute) should be positioned. There was noticeable improvement from the last lesson with understanding the rhythm in “The Best of Queen.” Remember to break the music up into small chunks when practicing like we do in our lesson. This is an extremely helpful way to learn the rhythm. As for remembering what the notes are and where to place your fingers on the keys, this needs a bit more work. When learning it is easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to remember what note is what and which key(s) to press. I noticed that in our lessons you tend to rush when trying to figure out the notes. Try to remember that speed is not our goal at the moment, if you need to pause and figure out the note that is completely fine. Our goal right now is to learn the notes and where to place the fingers on the keys.

You mentioned that you have a lot of homework due to exams coming up which I know is a priority, but if you have time to fit in some practice, please refer to the practice schedule below.

PRACTICE SCHEDULE: duration: 20 mins

  1. Continue to play long tones as your warm up (B down to low D) Count 2 beats when playing B and then hold B-flat until you run out of breath. Continue this for all of the notes – 5 mins
  2. Play the 2 octave F Major scale and mainly focus on the high D-F. (Remember that high D-F have different fingerings) -5 mins
  3. Review the second movement in the “Best of Queen” -10 mins


Good luck studying and see you on April 18th!

Happy Easter!