Bayli Cohen

Hello, welcome back! I’m so glad you had a restful March break and that you enjoyed your trip to China!

This week we worked on your new school band piece “The Best of Queen”. We mainly focused on the second movement “Another One Bites the Dust” (bars 28-52). During your practice this week, try to focus on this part only. Next week we will go over the last movement together in our lesson. For our scales, we worked on the two octave F Major scale on page 9 in the Overtones technique book. As you reach the higher notes remember that the fingerings change. If you forget them, refer to the finger chart that will show you where to place your fingers on the keys.

During the lesson we also spoke about how to practice. Many people who are learning how to play an instrument do not know that practicing is a skill on its very own. When a musician goes to practice there is usually a schedule/layout that they will follow. I have created a schedule for you to help you incorporate your flute practice into your homework schedule. The duration of your practice will only be 20 minutes every other day to start out. Please refer to this schedule each time your practice. I will include a new one each week in the homework post.

PRACTICE SCHEDULE: (Every other day)

  1. Warm up (5mins): Long tones starting on Bnatural down to D natural. Hold the first note for 2 counts and then hold the second one until you run out of breath. (Refer to the scales book) **Please use your finger chart if you need to.**
  2. Scales (5mins): F Major 2 octave scale. (Refer to scales book pg 9)
  3. School band piece (10 mins): I would like you to practice bars 28-52 one by one before playing through them entirely. So for example, work on bar 28 until you feel confident before moving on to bar 29.

See you next week!