This week’s theme is breathing and buzzing!

Work on the same breathing exercises as I assigned last week–I’ll repost them at the bottom. This will help train your muscles and also blow enough air through the trombone.

Georgia on my mind–buzz the melody a few times before you play. This will help get a good sound rather than getting frustrated when something doesn’t sound right. Also take a few minutes each day to buzz little melodies on your mouthpiece. This will help with overall tone production–you’ll be surprised how fast it will come along if you stick to this!!

Aim to practice for at least an hour overall this week (4 times for 15 minutes, 3 times for 20 minutes, 10 minutes a day) this is to help build up your muscles in your face as you’re not playing in school this year. If you don’t work the muscles nothing is going to get easier.

Breathing Exercise No. 1