Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week!


  • The app we discussed is iReal Pro and you can buy it off the App Store. Once you have done so, you’ll need to go onto the forums, find the jazz forum and download the “Jazz 1300” package. Then, you will be able to access all the songs. Make sure to to input your transposing instrument to “Bb”! The website with free sheet music is www.8notes.com
  • Start working on D major in addition to your 3 other major scales.
  • Things to remember: move your tongue/fingers at the same time. Do not tongue after you’ve already moved your fingers, or vice versa. Sit up straight, and watch the angle of your head. When doing register slurs, make sure there isn’t a sudden jump in volume when you press the register key.
  • Days of Wine and Roses – try playing along with the backing track if you get a chance! You will want to set the tempo to 70 (metronome symbol on the left side) and the KEY to Eb concert (or F major for us). Try playing through the song, and getting used to recovering if you make a mistake.


  • https://www.wikihow.com/Assemble-a-Saxophone Here’s a good article on how to put together the sax, complete with pictures!
  • The app we were using is called Pro Metronome and it’s free on the App Store. You want to set it to 60, and hold each note out for four beats, maybe four or five times. Aim for an even, FULL sound. If it sounds pinched, keep trying and readjusting your embouchure.
  • http://www.saxophone-guy.com/good-embouchure.html Here is a decent article on sax embouchure. Please ignore the part where they talk about double lip embouchure.


  • Thomas should be working on his C major scale, up and down with the metronome on 70.
  • Thomas should work on the exercises in the Rubank book we discussed and wrote down with the metronome at 60.


  • Camille should be working on her G major scale and the G major exercises written out. For the exercises, make sure she is playing each note as a quarter note and not holding out the last note in each bar. When having issues, take each bar slowly and isolate any issues.
  • Camille should keep working through Harry Potter, the first two lines we did in our lesson. Make sure she gets familiar with her Bb, G#, and Eb. While practicing, she should take small two, three bar sections and then put the piece together slowly once she’s perfected the smaller sections.


  • If you get a chance, please pick up or order Rubank Elementary Method for Saxophone from Long & McQuade.
  • Work on your chromatic scale, From high C# (which, remember, is the same as open C# but with the octave key) down to low D. Hold each note out for four beats. This is your warm up for your practice sessions.
  • Work on the two exercises we looked at in your band book. Remember to cut your notes off, instead of just letting them “fade”.
  • Practice the first line of Careless Whisper. Try learning the notes, and isolate the trickier sections.