Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week.


  • Work on fingerings & note names this week; remember to learn both names for each note when applicable (example: Ab & G#). Along with this work on your chromatic scale.
  • Keep working on major scales, arpeggios & thirds
  • Look at the Brahms piece; if there is a tie over the bar line remember to separate the notes first & then add the tie. Clap out rhythms that are giving you difficulty.


  • Keep working on note names/memorization. Use the chromatic scale as a practice method to help with memorization.
  • Continue working on three major scales. Try practicing the full range of the clarinet. Use the scale book to practice different permutations of whichever scale if you get bored with the thirds.
  • Focus on the notes right below & above the break. Create exercises for yourself using these notes.
  • Continue using the Rubank book for sight reading.


  • Work on chromatic scale starting on low Bb up to High F. Focus on memorizing the new fingerings we learned today.
  • Keep working on the scales circled on the scale sheet. Make sure to practice using the full range of the horn.
  • Keep working on the sheet I gave you. Practice with the metronome. Try playing your notes legato & not tonguing so heavily.
  • I’ll leave the book I was talking about: Rubank Intermediate Method for Saxophone.


  • Work on the chromatic scale from low Bb to High F (full range of the saxophone). Make sure to memorize the note names & fingerings.
  • Focus on the new fingerings that we worked on today (low C, C#, B & Bb; high D, Eb, E & F).
  • Work on C major scale & arpeggio

Good luck with the practicing, see you guys next week.



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