It was great meeting you today! Your sound in one lesson is already coming along nicely.

Here’s a breakdown of what you should be doing each practice session this week (3-4 15min practice sessions should be fine to work up your endurance again):

Warm-up (2-4 min): Mouthpiece buzzing starting on an Eb and going up the first five notes of the scale. Listen for the pitch and try singing it before buzzing to get a fuller sounding buzz. Also work on your Bb and Eb scales, one octave in half notes.

Articulation exercises (5-6 min): Look at numbers 1-4 (not all four in a given practice session). Work on getting a consistent articulation throughout the exercise (think Too-Too for mid range and Toh-Toh for lower range). You should be filling the horn with air to get a nice strong sound!

Sight reading (6-8 min): To get familiarized with the trombone again look at those duets and try reading the different parts to work on your bass clef notation. If you’re having trouble pitching try playing the note on the piano and match it on the trombone. When in doubt look at your slide position chart to double check your position.

Remember to practice in front of a mirror to double check your posture!

See you next week!