Hi everyone,

Here’s the homework for this week!


  • Work on tone/sound (getting one out of the clarinet haha) this week.  Do register slurs as a warm-up to help with memorization of the notes in the upper register.
  • Keep working on fingerings and note names in both registers.
  • Continue to work on C, F, G major scales with arpeggios and thirds. Focus mainly on the thirds this week.
  • Start where you left off with the Rubank book; aim for a nice even sound and no blips between the notes.


  • Work on the chromatic scale this week. Start with low Bb and try to go up to a high D (the new one that we were working on)
  • Keep working on major scales; focus on Bb major and arpeggio
  • Work on the exercises from the handout I gave you today. Try to read through the first page or so. Use a metronome and remember not to rush.
  • Book: Rubank Intermediate Method for Saxophone. Please get this :)


  • Memorize the fingerings and note names we talked about today. This is the most important – spend the most time on this.
  • Take two notes at a time and go between them (e.g. E to Eb, A to Bb, etc)

Good luck with the practicing, see you guys next week.