Dear Tai,

Fur Elise – work on the “E – octaves” to bring it to tempo (even eighth notes flow)

Sunburst waltz – good dynamics! (just play for fun :))

Pagoda in purple mist – listen for a changing harmony, keep the pedal throughout the entire piece

The dragon hunt – LH legato – staccato contrast

The time machine – keep pulse steady – while switching positions (LH chords)

scales : C, D, E, F, G, A, B

(practice 20 minutes a day)


Dear Carmen,

Row row row your boat – count your beats (1-2-3)

Hush little baby – try to keep your eyes on the book, it will help you not loose your position,also call the notes as you play them

(practice 10 minutes a day)


Dear Ian,

Keep reviewing pages 4-19

Try pages 20 and 21 (also C position)

(good job on chords (LH) and playing hands together!)

(practice 10 -15 minutes a day)


Dear Nathalia,

Songs in C position:

March on

Roaring lions

Sleepy John

Run mouse run

(starting new postilion next week! :))

(practice 10 -15 minutes a day)