Great work on Sweater Song and Island In The Sun! Try to play along to the songs this week! Keep working on the exercises we went over also: both chord switching and string crossing. Nice work with memorizing the fretboard. Keep practicing and familiarizing yourself with the dots on your fretboard. They are great milestones to help us get around quickly. Great work on Blitzkrieg Bop today! Work on getting those power chords nice and clean. Great work!


Nice work on Don’t Go Slow! Keep working on it! Remember when playing and singing, the two parts move independently. Keep working on this by making sure your chords stick to a steady rhythm when adding the singing. The best tool for getting familiar with how these two parts interact is the song. Make sure to listen to this song before, and during practice. If you get confused or lost, refer back to the tune! Good job!


Nice work on Let It Be! The bar chords are really coming along. This is a huge step! Congratulations! Keep working on getting your transitions faster and smoother. Move back and forth between each chord transition to work on this. Take careful notice of how each of your fingers need to move as they transition between chords. This process will help you greatly! Nice work on In My Life today! Focus on that new chord shape we learned (minor shape from the A string for the D minor chord). Great work!