Try to refamiliarize yourself with the 16th note grid. Let’s focus on relaxed playing and proper form through basic snare exercises, pull out stick control and try to play through it every day. We’ll get back to reading music next week.


Keep progressing with the sightreading at the beginning of the lessons, J can tell you’ve been playing with a metronome and it’s working! Just make sure to listen to it more; sometimes you seem to not notice when it’s not quite lining up.


Nice that we’re making progress on drums corps on parade! Really try to refine the parts that we’ve learned and keep going on your own if you can. Make sure you can do all rudiments starting on either hand.

Rachel & Thea and Tracie

Just putting all the new students here so I can give some general resources and advice. If you are able to get a kit for yourselves then just practice the rock beat on your own. If that is not immediately accessible then try to get a drum pad asap; it’s a smaller investment and will allow you to get your hands moving. Try to mime the rock beat in your spare time if you want practice, going rhrough the motions does help to an extent.

We will review the rock beat and mostly do snare exercises next week. Here is a link to some resources I use with all my students, try to save this link somewhere:

Good work everyone!