Snowflake Rag: Practice from beginning to end at a slow tempo. For the last bars -the Coda- remember to count so you can get to the chromatic octaves in the right beat (just after the 1 and before the 2). Take part of your practice time to practice the B section (the one with the pedal).


Study “Ode to Joy”, Piano Adventures p. 30. Make sure that both of his hands start between C and G, and that each finger is over one single note.


Read Piano Adventures p. 18. The idea here is that he should be able to identify the treble C and E in the staff. Also, he can reinforce the triple meter.

As an exercise, I asked him to see if he could figure some of the notes of the next part of “Underground Theme” by himself.


Sonatina, 2nd movement: Practice from beginning to end at a moderately slow tempo. Take 10 or fiteen minutes of your practice time to practice in loop mm. 14-18, and mm. 23 to the end.

The 1: Play the song in the background and try to break the pattern of the chords. You can add notes in the bass line, arpeggios, or rhythms. The only thing that you have to make sure is that the second chord of each line falls in the up beat (keep the structure 1-2-and-3-4).