Good work today! I feel like we made quite a breakthrough today making your playing more steady, just try to reinforce it by practicing on your own with a metronome. Remember if you’re struggling with something practice it in smaller sections slowly! If you repeat a mistake then fix it immediately by playing a smaller section and making sure you repeat it correctly before moving on. Here’s the etude if you have time to do what we did today for the rest of the piece and really master it:


The focus this week is to try and get you to feel the downbeat (beat 1 of any piece). What I was telling you about leading right with the sticking should help achieve this.

Practice the 8th note reading exercises but play every beat on hi-hat and only the offbeats (the “and” or “+”) on the snare drum.

Thea and Rachel

The main thing you can practice with just a pad is really just stick control right now so just try to repeat the first 8 exercises for 5-10 min a day. Practice with a metronome! You can search one up on Google and set it to ~120bpm. If you get access to a drumkit then keep working on the rock beat which we’ll continue to develop next lesson.


Try to start any practice session by going through stick control for at least 5 min. Find an online metronome and set it to 80 or 90 bpm for this and make sure you really listen to it as you play. Keep working on your rock beat, you’re looking very comfortable with it!